We are Automation driven company.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence will impact the Automation industry in major way. Things which were not possible to Automate earlier can be attempted using AI and things which were possible to automate can be Automated in fraction of time using AI. AI will sit a layer above the Automation and can automate the task of writing Automation code.

With this is mind, we have founded this startup


ML Auto is an AI framework to automate the task of writing Automation code.

It is an attempt to create a layer above the Automation, which can write Automation code by itself. It auto learn the tasks being performed by looking at tasks being performed or hearing the human voice on task to be performed.

It works on Mobile(Android, Ios, Windows), Web, Desktop based Applications. It can reduce script creation and maintenance time by upto 95%


Our Major focus in on creating AI layer above Automation. Our Service lines are aligned accordingly, wherein we help you setup the Automation factory in different areas:

  • Software Testing Automation

  • Business Process Automation(RPA)

In addition, we help businesses go digital using AI:

  • Chat Bot Development

  • Computer Vision/NLP/AR/VR App Development

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